Why Should You Hire A Broker To Sell Your Online Business?

Why Should You Hire A Broker To Sell Your Online Business?

So you have decided to exit your online business, what’s next? One of the primary decisions you will have to make after you have come to this choice is whether you should attempt to sell the business on your own, or with the help of a professional intermediary.

While it is advised to hire the services of an experienced online business broker, it’s important to understand how an intermediary like Brokers Digital works and how exactly we facilitate the sale of your online business.

Maximize the due diligence of your business to maximize the purchase price

We have built an in-depth business valuation model that takes into consideration all of the financial and technical aspects, so that we can maximize the value of your digital assets, giving you a higher closure rate.

Full time dedication to screen the right buyer for your business

Screening and finding the right buyer for your business is also at the top of our working process. There may be a number of potential buyers interested in your business— some of them may be on the market and are “just looking” and others may have a budget that does not match the true value of what you have to offer. We'll screen and match your business with a list of potential buyers and investors.

Lead negotiation on your behalf and prepare purchase offer

We lead negotiations on your behalf with our prepared purchase offer. We’ll break the ice and kick-off communications, only getting you involved when negotiations have reached an advanced stage. This saves you much time and a lot of effort, while you focus on your business or potential future venture, we will be the ones to perform the task of screening and negotiating for you.

Manage the transaction closure and Escrow

We manage the transaction closure and escrow, managing the closing of the deal and ensuring that your digital assets are fully transferred to the buyer. Our escrow payment service will ensure that you get paid, with the right documentation and signatures for a smooth transaction—all managed by us.

Here at Brokers Digital, we’ll take you through all stages using our expertise by ensuring we find the right buyer with the best closure rate; concluding with the frictionless transfer of ownership of your digital assets.

To have your online business valuated and to begin the sales process with us, please fill up our request form and we'll be in touch with you shortly after to welcome you on board.

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