2019 Best Products To Sell For The Holidays

2019 Best Products To Sell For The Holidays

Christmas is just around the bend. Already, people are setting up their Christmas trees and decking their halls with boughs of holly. You’ll hear it in the air as shopping malls bring out their Christmas playlist and you’ll see it in your overly enthusiastic neighbor’s full set of Christmas lights. These are exciting times for many—kids, adults, and for all those who partake in this rather consumerist Christian holiday.

For ecommerce shop owners, this means getting ready to get very busy. We are talking about the biggest shopping season, where people are going to be buying gifts not only for themselves but for their loved ones, friends, colleagues, and more.

Yep, it’s a busy time of year. In 2018 alone from November through December, online shoppers spent $122 billion on online retail alone. For ecommerce store owners, getting ready for the 2019 holiday rush as early as August is perfectly justifiable because there are in fact some individuals who begin planning their holiday purchases as early as that!

So get ready to prep for the holidays and to dive right into the holiday spirit. We are going to be talking about some of the highest-selling products this year for you to update your product selection with some great holiday buys.

Your job this season is to help people find the perfect gifts and to make money off of their awesome purchases during the holidays, so you have to carefully consider the items you are already selling and decide whether you want to update your product line for what you think may sell like hotcakes during the holidays.

A wise ecommerce business owner may decide to develop a holiday focused product range to help customers shop for holiday-specific products. Most of the items we will be talking about below start to rise in popularity towards the end of October before peaking in December because they tend to be great holiday gift items. Here are some category and product ideas that you can include in your store for the holidays:


1. Men’s Grooming Products

Women all year round peruse the internet for “great gifts for men” just to give themselves an idea on what to get the fathers, brothers, and the significant others in their lives. So why not help the ladies out by introducing a men’s grooming section into your store for the holiday season?

Men’s grooming has been getting hot lately in the world of ecommerce, especially since the boom of the beard growth industry, which paved the way for more male grooming essentials.

Contrary to the experience of a lot of ladies, there are more men out there that care about the way that they look, making grooming –related presents a great buy for the holiday season. Things like wash kits, shaving kits, manicure tool kits, and skin-care products for men will be great to stock up on this season.

2. Smart Watches

When it comes to stocking up your online store with ideal Christmas presents, you can never go wrong with giving the gift of tech. Smartwatches are enjoying a steady stream of popularity all year round, with a noticeable peak at the coming of the holiday months that is observable from recent years. Smartwatches make a great gift for loved ones who enjoy new tech and the idea of essentially having a mini-computer on their wrists.

Smartwatches are also big on those who are trying to get fit as a new year’s resolution with its fitness tracking functions and heart rate monitors that help people keep track of their workouts.

3. Personalized Items

Want to provide your customers with some really special gifts for the holidays? Then its time to get personal! Nothing says special quite like a personalized gift can.

Personalization of gifts involve names, monograms, and even pictures that are significant to the receiver and giver of the gift, which instantly adds more heart and thought to the gift.

It’s a good idea to include items with personalization options for your shop. Whether they be customizable jewelry, socks, kitchen accessories, and anything you can think of under the sun that can be monogrammed, printed on, lasered, and carved. You’ll notice from the graph below that searches fro personalized items start to increase around October where it peaks with the coming of the holidays.

4. Camera Accessories

Everyone has a camera buff that they know and love. Camera accessories are popular all year round but really start to peak right before the holidays start, making camera accessories a good thing to have in store for that holiday rush.

Many individuals consider buying camera accessories for themselves or for their friends to make them feel really special during the holidays. The holidays are a time for thoughtful presents that help loved ones cultivate and display their passions in creative ways. Great gifts to include in your shop this year are Bokeh kits, lens balls, and, of course, camera cleaning kits.

5. Spa Products

It doesn’t matter who you are, you know an at-home DIY spa night sounds like a night well spent. Spa products and tools are hot all year round because most people understand the value and relaxation that comes with self-care. However, we really tend to see a peak in interest in spa products during the holiday season.

Spa products are “easy”, no brainer gifts for people to present to their mothers-in-law, sisters, and co-workers. Spa products can range from hand cleanser and moisturizer duos, comfy robes, to hand-held deep tissue massagers. If you run a beauty store, clothing store, or home décor shop, you can easily incorporate a spa and self-care section to your online store.

6. Oil Diffusers & Humidifiers

Diffusers and humidifiers help alleviate some of the not so great things that come along with the colder, rainier, and snowier months. That is why they tend to sell well before, during, and after the holiday season.

While there are a good many things to love about the cold, like curling up in your favorite sweater, watching Netflix, and drinking hot chocolate, catching the flu is not one of those good things. This is where diffusers and humidifiers can come in for a lot of people.

People use diffusers in their homes with essential oils for aromatherapy purposes, while others use humidifiers to increase the moisture in the air to relieve dry skin and ameliorate colds and allergies. These two sell remarkably well during the holidays when people struggle the most with runny noses and dry skin conditions.

7. Pajamas

Pajamas—who doesn’t just love a new comfy set of those things? They are some of the best gift ideas around and tend to peak in sales after October.

Pajamas are the comfort food of clothing, especially during winter when you just want to stay warm and cozy up.

The great thing about the gift of sleepwear is that it’s the perfect gift for literally everyone, so people can’t go wrong with pajamas. Sleepwear can range from all fabrics, luxury or not, and from plain to funny themed prints. If you are running an apparel shop, make sure to include some sleepwear in your gift section!

8. Kitchen Gear

People tend to update their kitchen gear, decorative and functional kitchen accessories, and tableware during the holidays where a lot of cooking, food prep, and eating tends to take place.

Any home, family, or newlywed couple can benefit from the gift of kitchenware and accessories, and you’ll be able to see an increase in google searches for these items starting in October. People tend to take eating seriously during this time, so you can’t go wrong with an updated kitchenware section this holiday.

You can include things like custom family tea towels, marinators, cheese and tapas boards, digital glass steamers, and more to your updated holiday selection.

9. Handbags

Handbags are classic gifts that you can give to any special lady in your life. Many women are quite enthusiastic about their handbag collections. Handbags are a symbol of style, status, and personality, and many handbags tend to fly off of virtual shelves especially during the holiday season.

Now handbags can range from anywhere to $20 to thousands of dollars as investment pieces. The good thing about handbags is that there are all kinds of styles to suit everyone and every taste.

Handbags are always a safe bet, so if you are running a fashion store, it is time to carefully consider your collection on handbags.


10. Makeup Kits

Makeup, beauty, and self-care are never going to go out of style, and makeup kits are near-universally loved and appreciated by women as great gifts for the holidays, and that is why they sell so well.

Makeup and makeup tools are something that a lot of women tend to use almost daily and women know that the holidays are some of the best times to score some deals on makeup and makeup accessories.

Makeup sets and tools can be the perfect, simple gifts for any teen, lady, or grandma in people’s lives, so if you’re looking to make bank on your store that targets a female audience, makeup brush sets, beauty blenders, stencils, rollers, etc., will make a great addition to your “Gifts For Her” section!

Back To You

We’ve given you some of the best gift categories and items that sell well, especially during the holidays! Now that you have some ideas on what to add to your virtual shelves for the mad holiday rush, its time to start prepping your store by updating your products, store design, and graphics to get yourself and your customers into the holiday spirit.

Just remember to keep your target audience at the heart of all that you do during the holidays so that you can cater to their needs. You’ll both benefit from the awesome buys that your store provides for your customers while you make a good profit from your holiday sales.


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