2020 Best Products To Sell Online

2020 Best Products To Sell Online

The end of 2019 will not only bring us into a new year but a whole new decade that is ripe with so much ecommerce business opportunities. Both ecommerce entrepreneurs who find themselves well within the ballpark of ecommerce and those who are looking to build their first online store can only benefit from becoming well-versed with the trends—it is after all one of the things that can lead you to long-term success in online business.

Getting ahead with the times and keeping up with current and emerging trends can give you a few ideas and may even lend you some inspiration for what to do next for your existing store or future ecommerce endeavor. As ecommerce entrepreneurs, it is our job to look ahead and identify significant trends.

In this article, we are diving right into 2020’s imminent top 20 trends and product types that can drive your sales and profits up in the year to come. Let’s get started.


1. Reusable Water Bottles

Reusable items, especially reusable water bottles have become increasingly popular in recent years. Once a specialized product for hikers or sports enthusiasts, the reusable water bottle is now a popular commodity and even cultural and status symbols among Millenials who are willing to shell out more money for an aesthetically pleasing, high quality, premium reusable water bottle.

In the last few years, we have witnessed a rise in consciousness around the impact of our uninhibited use of single-use plastic that ends up in landfills and the ocean. Those who are concerned have been turning to use reusable water bottles and other non-single use items.

Reusable water bottles are all around useful everyday items, whether you are commuting, hiking, or going to the gym. For ecommerce entrepreneurs that cater to the hiking niche or certain lifestyles, carrying an updated reusable water bottle collection in your shop may make a great addition to your shop in 2020.

2. Chest Bags

Move aside fanny packs, the chest bag utility trend is here to take over the fashion accessory world. This popular men’s fashion item is designed to be worn over the chest. Featuring harnesses and straps that keep this bag in place, the chest bag is inspired by service uniforms and is a practical and stylish everyday item that you carry on your body.

Unlike fanny packs and men’s side bags, the chest bags act as an extension of the entire look or outfit, rather than just a simple accessory.

Those ecommerce entrepreneurs that run online stores dedicated to streetwear and contemporary fashion should look into adding these trending bags to their bags and accessories collection in 2020.

3.  Augmented Reality Accessories

The love and intrigue for new technology won’t be dying out any time soon in the foreseeable future and the coming of the new decade will herald in some new tech that we can all enjoy. One such device that has been getting considerable attention recently with the potential to grow in 2020’s markets are augmented reality devices.

Augmented reality can be primarily experienced through the use of wearable glasses, head-mounted devices, or through smartphone apps. Unlike virtual reality, AR enhances a user’s experience in the real world rather than replacing it.

Those who sell gadgets and tech accessories online may want to look into the steady interest in augmented reality devices that they can sell online in the form of wearables like glasses and headsets.

4. Wireless Chargers

Although wireless chargers were first announced and talked about back in 2012, wireless charging pads have only made themselves more readily available on the market recently, especially for flagship devices. While slower than USB chargers, there is no denying the convenience of a wireless charging pad—especially if they support multiple devices.

Imagine charging your phone and your smartwatch simultaneously, without the need for multiple USB charging devices. You could be at your desk at work or in bed, and when you aren’t using your phone, you can just put it down on your wireless charging pad for some juice.

Wireless is pretty much in and may very well be the future for our mobile devices. If you are running an online tech shop or a shop dedicated to nifty accessories, then you might want to add wireless charging to your collection of items for sale.

5. Car Accessories

Car accessories make it back on our 2020 list as it did back in our 2019 article on hot selling items. Just as in previous years, the growth on the demand for general car accessories has been going steady in recent months and years.

Car accessories play a big role in vehicle maintenance, care, and even comfort during trips. Car accessories can range from anything from air fresheners, tire inflators, wireless charger pads, phone holders, tools, and organizers. An online shop selling car accessories could literally have no end of gadgets and tools that keep on updating as the years go by. The global car accessories market share is predicted to reach $522 billion dollars by 2022, making it a great niche for those looking to break into ecommerce.

6. Baby Clothes

Every day, more than 350 thousand babies are born. That’s a whole lot of babies every year, keeping the demand for baby clothes and baby accessories high and relatively stable in the last few years.

The market value of baby clothes reaches approximate 18 billion U.S. dollars each year, with new parents spending an average of 4,000 U.S. dollars on their baby’s clothing and food needs. New parents who are entering a new period in their lives tend to spend more than average in preparation for the coming of their newborn and the baby-related product's market is getting bigger every day.

Those who are looking to break into ecommerce in 2020 should take a closer look at the baby clothes and accessories niche, which is as ever-green as a niche can be.

7. Subscriptions Boxes

For those who haven’t caught a wif yet on subscription boxes, what they are, and the potential that they hold, a subscription box service is when someone signs up to receive a package from a company on a monthly basis. Today, companies in fashion, personal care, pet care, and even companies in the food industry are adopting the subscription-based approach because it incurs regular monthly revenue from customers.

Consumers love subscription box services because it allows them to experience a uniquely curated and themed boxes that are full of goodies and new brands for them to check out and discover.

From the ecommerce business side of things, developing a subscription box service for your store may help you develop a stable stream of recurring monthly revenue. As long as there is an existing community around your products or product category, you can build a subscription box service around it.

8. Weight Loss

The fact is, the struggle is real for many people when it comes to health and losing weight. The United States is currently in the midst of a big obesity epidemic as well as in other developed nations like the UK and Germany. With weight loss being a problem shared by many, there is a massive market dedicated to helping people shake off those extra kilograms.

There are so many ways to sell a product or service online to help people lose weight and to keep the weight off. While you can sell exercise equipment and yoga mats online, many individuals are subscribing and paying for online personal trainers, buying exercise plans, and meal plans from remote trainers and dieticians.

The World Health Organization estimates that 35% of women aged 20 and above are overweight. In terms of women along, the weight loss industry is worth more than 60 billion U.S. dollars, posing a massive opportunity for anyone who wants to cash in. With ecommerce, those who are knowledgeable in diet and fitness can offer their services to people on a global scale.

9. Pet Niche

Today, there are almost 85 million households in the U.S. that have at least one pet, making up 68% of all households. According to a report done by Statista on the growth of pet care e-commerce and brick-and-mortar sales in the United States in 2017, online pet care sales grew by 3.4. billion U.S. dollars, compared to the 317 million dollars for bricks and mortar sales. Now that is just exceptional news for anyone who dabbles in ecommerce.

Needless to say, with more than half of households embracing the pet-loving lifestyle, the pet care niche is a booming industry that only grows as we get to love our pets more and more. For ecommerce entrepreneurs that have a love for pets, this can be a great way to build a profitable business around your passion.

10. Men’s Grooming

Websites and online stores dedicated to men’s grooming products are also becoming popular as a direct result of the demand and lack of availability of such products. Men may not necessarily be getting what they want and need off of physical store shelves, so they are turning to online stores and dedicated grooming blogs to get the self-care knowledge and the male-specific product that they require.

We know that the beauty and grooming market for women is saturated with more products and accessories than even women know what to do with. Now that there is a growing demand and development of men’s care products, ecommerce businesses can take the opportunity to position themselves favorably for when more products for men become more mainstream, helping to make male dedicated product available everywhere, supplying and even stimulating the demand.

1. Home Security

While crime exists, securing our homes and workplaces will remain a concern. Home security is a growing online business niche with a lot of sub-niches within it that you can explore and join. Those who are interested in building an online business on home security can focus on selling self-defense weapons, Wi-Fi security cameras, video doorbells, and more. You can even offer services for products that burglar-proof homes, making for an excellent opportunity to grow a profitable ecommerce business.

Home security and surveillance is a multi-billion dollar niche where you can sell multiple products and services online.  If you are selling home gadgets online or are planning to, make sure to have an updated home security collection in 2020.

12. Prepping

Prepping is the popular term used for a person who practices emergency preparedness. This can extend to anything from natural disasters, economic collapse, pandemics, terrorism, etc. Considering the fact that survivalists need to be prepared for an incredibly diverse range of disastrous outcomes, preppers have multiple reasons or instances that drive their need to purchase gear. Every time there is a terrorist attack, every time elections are held, natural disaster or mass murder takes place, you will find a spike in sales in survival gear. The average prepper is said to spend at least $1000 dollars a year on gear and accessories, and with over 3.7 million people in the U.S. calling themselves preppers, their collective expense amounts to 3.7 billion USD on survival gear.

Ecommerce entrepreneurs who want to delve into the prepping niche can provide customers with their basic needs, including protective clothing, food, shelter, and tools.

13. Eco-Friendly Products

Eco-friendly products are products that pose minimal negative effects on the environment in terms of production, use, and disposal.

Generally speaking, going green and going for plastic alternative products has been a big thing lately, as people are turning away from plastic in favor of less polluting, eco-friendly alternatives like the bamboo toothbrush and reusable cloth shopping bags.

People are becoming more conscious about how their daily habits are affecting the environment and are beginning to choose brands and products that advocate an eco-friendly lifestyle. Sustainable products that have little negative impact on the earth are getting more notice and more people are trying to get a hold of eco-friendly alternatives. Not only is eco-ecommerce a great and profitable niche, but it also makes for a great vocation. For ecommerce entrepreneurs who are passionate about the environment and the future of our planet, selling eco-friendly products would be a great eco-business to dive into to spread eco-friendly practices far and wide.

14. Solar Energy Products

Keeping in line with eco-friendly trends, many people are turning to solar energy because of its long term benefit in terms of savings, and also because solar power is an environmentally friendly, renewable resource.

Solar power provides clean and sustainable energy, and while not everyone can afford to mount their homes or businesses with solar panels, there are a number of commodities on the market that run on solar energy. Gadgets like solar-powered cellphone chargers, solar garden and indoor lights, solar-powered Bluetooth speakers, and more are powering people’s lives.

The global search volume on solar energy remains high and will continue to be steady as people’s awareness of the finite nature of fossil fuels increase. This is why running an ecommerce or dropshipping online store providing solar products to customers may pose a great opportunity for ecommerce entrepreneurs in 2020.


15. Health and Beauty

The health and beauty sector poses a lot of opportunities and sub-niche category for any ecommerce store owner to delve into. We all know that health and beauty products are generally well-liked and well-received by everybody. Health and beauty products can range from bare necessities, like basic hygiene products and tools, to the more extravagant and excessive products.

As you can see from this Google Trends chart, health and beauty are a constant concern and consumer demand is high and steady. While there is a lot of competition in the health and beauty niche, the variety under its expansive list of sub-categories raises the possibility of you finding a niche where you can dominate. Health and beauty can include anything from hair extensions, novelty soaps, to nail tools. The possibilities are endless with new innovations around every corner, all you have to do is choose what to focus on.


16. Posture Correctors

The world has a posture problem, period. Whether it's from sitting at work or school all day, browsing at our smartphones or computers, bad posture is becoming an easily visible problem for people of all ages. Health experts cite incorrect posture as a significant health problem that can lead to chronic neck and back issues.

People’s posture only seems to be getting worse, and while we may not all have ready access to chiropractors, now is a good time for ecommerce entrepreneurs and dropshippers to sell posture correcting devices and other chiropractic accessories to help people learn to sit and stand correctly and to relieve any discomfort caused by poor posture.

17. Acai Berry

Acai berries are known to be a superfood with benefits ranging from improved skin health, improved cognitive function, to weight loss. They are a grape-like fruit that comes from acai palm trees in South America. Acai berries have an incredibly high amount of antioxidants and dozens of health benefits, spurring its popularity across the globe.

The acai berry juice is consumed as a beverage, smoothie ingredients, and can now even be found in supplements and cosmetics products. For those who wish to delve into the ecommerce world of superfoods and specialty foods, adding a few acai berry products to your collection may help you make a profitable turn.

18. Pre & Post Workout Supplements

If you are a gym buff, then you know just how significant getting the right pre and post-workout nutrition is to optimize your time in the gym and seeing results.

When it comes to sports supplements, you’ll find a wide variety of products ranging from your ordinary multivitamins to vegan and non-vegan whey protein, creatine, and amino acids that help you power through your workout and speed up muscle recovery for gains.

Predominantly consumed by young men, the pre and post-workout supplements world is constantly growing, offering an overabundance of supplements that caters to everyone’s needs. While the market is smaller for women, there are sports supplements that cater to women’s fitness needs as well, leaving no one left behind on the gains train.

If you plan or running a fitness shop, it’s a good idea to take a look at the massive variety in pre and post-workout supplements and to stock up your virtual shelves with giant tubs of whey protein powder and more.

19. Travel Bags

People love to travel and are setting out, even more, to travel the world, whether on a long backpacking trip or for short mini-vacations. Whether they are venturing near or far, travelers require appropriate traveling bags. Traveling bags range from backpacks, stroller bags, to chest and trunks.

Because people from all walks of life are traveling more and more often, the demand for travel bags has also increased. Today, we have varying types of bags for all kinds of needs, there are now light-weight bags, anti-theft bags, and other technologies incorporated into our most important travel essential. If you want to build an online store centered around hiking and travel gear, there has never been a better time to sell traveling bags and other handy travel accessories as right now and into the year 2020.

20. Korean Skincare Products

South Korea has pretty much taken over the global skincare market in recent years and continues to grow in popularity with its innovative and even groundbreaking take on skincare. K-beauty has placed ingredients like fermented foods, bee venom, and snail slime into our beauty routines and is quickly overtaking many western notions on beauty and self-care.

While globally popular, K-beauty products are not as easily available on physical shelves around the world. This makes consumers turn to ecommerce platforms to search for and acquire Korean cosmetics and skincare products to get their Asian beauty fix. More than 34% of Korean beauty products are sold online, giving online retailers big and small the opportunity to profit from this trend.

For those who are interested or passionate about Korean culture, K-beauty, and Asian beauty practices, building a specialty store centered around Korean skincare products can be a fun and great business endeavor in 2020 and the years to come.

Back to You

There you have it, we have given you the top 20 hot products to sell in 2020 and now its time for you to start selling. We hope that this article will help you make an informed decision for you and your current or future ecommerce business so that you can thrive well into the next decade.

There are, of course, so many more products for you to choose from and explore, and a quick keyword search on Google Trends should help you make informed decisions on what to bring into your store in the year 2020.

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