7 Logo Design Makers That Will Help You Build Your Brand

7 Logo Design Makers That Will Help You Build Your Brand

Let’s say that you’re starting a business this year and you’ve got everything locked down. You’ve got that unforgettable brand name, the perfect product, the perfect store, and your business ideas are just brimming with potential. You’ve got all the important details accounted for by now, right? Not quite yet. Your brand still needs a unique logo. Your logo is going to play a big role in turning your business into a successful and recognizable brand. 

Just take a look around, maybe you can look down at yourself or down at whatever device you are viewing this article from. What do you see? Logos— they’re everywhere, on people’s hats, shoes, shirts, on shop packaging, they are on every conceivable surface. Whether you’ve realized it or not, brands have turned us all into walking advertising billboards. You could probably recognize hundreds, if not thousands of brand logos from the most successful companies and advertising campaigns in the world, to the logos of the smaller businesses in your locality.

Your logo is going to be a vital asset to your business. It’s not just a picture after all, it’s a powerful marketing tool that can help you accomplish a great number of things.


What is a logo and why is it important to your brand?

In essence, a logo is a symbol that represents your business and brand. A simple logo can communicate many things; it’s a symbol that imbues the very identity of a brand.  What some people might initially think when it comes to designing their logo is that it is more of an artistic representation, when really, it’s a strategic tool. Here are some ways that your logo can potentially influence the success of your business:

1. Logos are powerful tools that build brand recognition

If I asked you to recall the most famous person you can think of that is alive today, then you might find yourself imagining a face. If I asked you to think about companies like McDonald's, Apple, or Netflix the mere suggestion of these brands can call to mind their logo. It’s that powerful and evocative, so much so that a brand without a logo is as good as a man without a face—it has no memorable or recognizable qualities. Having a business without a logo for people to identify will hamper your potential customers’ ability to recognize your business and build any type of association with it.

2. Logos build trust and foster customer loyalty

What are the brands you trust? Wouldn’t you rather buy a product from a brand that you know rather than a product from a brand that you don’t? Logos help people make decisions based on trust, because people build powerful associations grounded on your image. Think of the Nike swoosh, many people have made positive associations with this brand and that swoosh may represent things like quality and endurance in their minds, enabling the brand to establish loyal customers. If you make your logo visible enough, people will come to recognize it, understand what it represents, and perhaps you may even build some trust and a strong consumer base.

3. Logos can go on everything

You can put your logo on everything related to your business, on every single one of your webpages, on all of your products, on your packaging, your business cards, on your car, on people, etc. Let the world see your logo. The more people who come into contact with it, the better.


Things you have to consider when designing your logo

Since your logo can determine how your customers feel about your brand, you want your logo to not only represent your business well, you want it to stand out in the minds of your consumers. Here are some general suggestions:

1. Keep the design simple

You don’t want to have a logo that is too complicated in its design and detail. It should be a design that can be easily converted from large to smaller sizes without important details getting lost and compromising people’s ability to distinguish that it is your brand.

2. Don’t go overboard on the colors

You might have noticed that most brands don’t use more than two colors on their logo. These colors represent their brand, and may have some powerful meaning and suggestion behind them.

3. Be original

You can learn a lot from the logos of highly successful brands but try not to copy the design elements of other brands’ logos. You wanna be unique so that your consumers aren’t thinking about another brand when they are exposed to your logo.


Logo Design Makers

You could always hire a graphic artist to help you create your logo, but there’s nothing quite like doing it yourself. I mean, who else could know your business and what it stands for better than you?

Before writing this article, we went ahead and tested a variety of online logo design makers for you. We’ve handpicked the ones that can help you create modern and attractive design and the ones that are easiest to use, which means you don’t have to have any previous experience in graphic design to come up with something amazing.

Here are the 7 handpicked online logo design tools that can help you create your new logo:

1. Canva

Canva is an easy to use tool for you to create your logo as well as other graphic art to suite a variety of purposes. Canva is a place that holds consistently stunning options for logos, and you will enjoy the easy drag-and-drop features that will help you create professional looking results in a matter of minutes. Many of Canva’s templates and design elements are completely free. You could easily design a beautiful logo here without spending a single dime and downloading your design is free as well. However they do offer some design elements at a price, usually at just $1.

2. Logojoy

Logojoy is fun and easy to use. It is extremely user friendly and it helps you create designs by first asking you to input details about the kind of business you are running. From there, you will be shown a vast multitude of themes to choose from and symbols that you can navigate by category. After making some choices, Logojoy will generate dozens of designs for you to choose. From there, you will be able to adjust everything to your liking. With Logojoy, you will be able to create and experiment with your logo for free. When you are happy and certain that the logo is the one for you and you are ready to commit, you can own the design for $20.

3. Hatchful

Hatchful is a free online logo maker by Shopify.  Much like Logojoy, Hatchful will want to know what kind of business you are running generating designs for you to choose from, which you will be able to edit until it’s perfect.  Hatchful was designed to be simple and easy to use for people with no graphic design experience, so it’s a pretty effortless tool to for you to use in creating professional logos. With Hatchful, you can create and download high resolution logos for free. The designs are sent directly to your email.

4. Logaster

Logaster provides a fast and easy online service for people to to create their logo and brand identity. Their creation process requires no technical skills and they do help you by also generating some designs that you can change to suite your preference. You can download the logo for free, but if you want something with a higher resolution, then the starting range is at $5.99

5. Ucraft

Ucraft provides a free logo and emblem maker. With the Ucraft logo maker, making your logo is a little bit more hands-on than the previous mentioned logo makers, so it’s easy for you to go into every detail, down to the shape, size, color, and other design elements. Downloading .png files are free, but higher resolution images can start at $12.

6. Logo Genie

Logo Genie starts by asking you the name of your brand or company. From there they will show you a number of templates that may tickle your fancy with the name of your brand front and center. When you’ve picked a nice template, you can start to edit and adjust all the design elements until you’re happy with your new logo. Creating a logo is free and you won’t even have to sign up to play around with designs. If you do manage to create a logo that you know you love, a logo pack starts at $24.90.

7. Graphic Springs

Graphic Springs is easy to use because they take you through a step by step process that first asks you the name of your brand before helping you choose design elements that you can edit and adjust with ease. This logo maker is also a little bit more hands-on, and you’ll be able to choose from loads of predesigned symbols for you to tweak. Graphic Springs is free to use and you can have all the time to play with the designs. When you are happy with the logo, downloading a high quality image costs $19.99


Back To You

We hope this article will inspire you to go and start creating your own logo. We’ve given you the logo makers that we felt were the easiest to use and the ones that came up with the most stunning designs. What are you waiting for? You can go and start creating and experimenting with your business logo today.

Have you used any of these logo makers before? Do you have any suggestions for some awesome online logo makers that we might have missed? If you do, Ecommerce Pro would love to hear from you, especially to address any questions or concerns that you might have when it comes to your logo design. Feel free to drop in on us at any time!