How to Get Your Store Ready for Mother’s Day

How to Get Your Store Ready for Mother’s Day

If there is one thing in our lives worth celebrating, it’s definitely mothers. Mothers play such a big role in our lives that they deserve at least one day every year in spring where they are globally recognized for the part that they play in raising, nurturing, and loving us unconditionally. On May 10 we honor mothers and show our appreciation with gifts, extra love, and attention.

According to the NRF, 84% of adults in the U.S. plan to celebrate Mother’s Day and the awesome women in their lives, leading to expected spending of a record total of $25 billion in the U.S. alone. Mother’s Day is a holiday that is celebrated around the world every May 10th, and it is an important date for online store owners who know what’s up.

An estimate of 29% of people celebrating Mother’s Day are shopping for gifts online, making this an ecommerce opportunity that should be ripe for the picking for you.

Let’ take a look at what people are buying according to the National Retail Federation:

  1. Jewelry- 35%
  2. Clothing & Accessories- 38%
  3. Consumer Electronics- 15%
  4. Gift Cards/Certificates-45%
  5. Greeting Cards-75%
  6. Houseware & Garden Tools- 20%
  7. Flowers- 67%
  8. Special Outings- 55%
  9. Personal Service- 24%
  10. Other- 24%

Now is time to ask yourself how to get your online store ready for the upcoming holiday where we all honor mothers around the world. This article is here to give you some practical tips and strategies on how to make a killing leading up to the Mother’s Day online shopping season. Let’s get started.


1. Have a Mother’s Day Gift Shop

Make Mother’s Day shopping easy by creating an easy to find Mother’s Day gift shop or product page for your customers. Doing so will help create a better customer experience for those who are specifically visiting your site in search of Mother's Day gifts. 

This section should contain Mother's Day themed banners and colors, and be populated with some neat gift ideas. Don’t forget to add a new themed banner or link on your site's homepage that will lead shoppers directly to where they will find the goods. 


2. Create Gift Guides

People are, more often than not, clueless when it comes to gift shopping. If you run a blog, a gift guide will bring in more potential customers to your online store to consume content that adds value to their holiday shopping experience. What’s more, is that gift guides are considered to be shareable content.

Gift guides are something that a surprising amount of people need. Topics can include gift guides for mothers, wives, mothers-in-law, sisters, you name it. Remember that Mother's Day is a celebration of all the women in your life who are mothers. Gift guide ideas can include items that you already conveniently happen to have for sale in your store.


3. Sell in Bundles or Sets

When you sell your products in bundles, you are selling your customers a set of goods for a lower price than if they were to buy the items separately. The bundle strategy allows you to increase your profits and sell more items with an alluring discount that gets your customers to spend more than they originally intended in your shop. Not only will you make more, but your customers will also feel like they are getting a better deal! For instance, you can sell a bundle that includes one plush toy, a card, and a cool printed tumbler. These items will normally cost more individually, but together they make a great gift bundle that costs less.


4. Digital Gift Cards

While some of us like to plan our gift-giving weeks, if not months, ahead of time, some of us are last-minute shoppers who resort to giving our loved one’s gift cards. People spend a solid amount of money on gift cards, with some estimating that consumers buy over $130 billion worth of gift cards a year.  If you aren’t offering digital gift cards in your shop yet, then you should definitely think about doing so right now.

The great thing about giving away gift cards is that your loved one can choose a gift that they actually love! What’s more, is that people who receive gift cards also tend to spend more than they intended to on your shop. For instance, if you have a $50 gift card in-store, your customer is likely to see some more products that they like and will be more willing to go over their $50 limit to acquire more from your shop.


5. Email Reminders

Most of us are pretty forgetful when it comes to important dates like Mother’s Day, and that’s only one reason why you should be working on setting up an awesome email campaign for your customers.

Email is also great in keeping your customers up to date on what's going on in your online shop, and you can use email to entice customers to come back and check out what's new. Just make sure that your email subject line is catchy, your email body full of cool graphics, and has a touch of heart-warming Mother’s Day content. This Mother’s Day, you can use email to:

  • Offer Mother’s Day deals
  • Promote your Mother’s Day blog post
  • Promote your Mother’s Day gift guide
  • Offer discount codes
  • Show off your best sellers
  • Abandoned cart reminders

6. Social Media Marketing

Reach out to your followers, customers, and potential customers on social media with a Mother’s Day-themed campaign. Get ready to post your promotions, well-wishes, giveaways, and even your Mother’s Day memes across your socials.

Remember that social media is where you go to reach and interact with your target audience. One great way to interact with your target market is to host giveaways on social media. For instance, some brands are known to encourage their customers to use their hashtags or to tag your brand in their posts for a chance to win some free merch. Having people use your hashtag and having your followers tag you in their post is a great way to promote your brand and online store.


 7. Create Heart-Warming Content

Try to keep in touch with your customers’ emotions this Mother’s Day, because moms are pretty much universally associated with warmth and love. So, tug some heartstrings and roll out the emotional branding because the companies that can connect with their customers’ emotions usually get a huge payoff in return.

Remember that not everything you publish online should be focused on selling. It’s ok to create a blog post on Mother’s Day dessert recipes and other educational content that will enrich your customers’ and potential customers’ Mother’s Day experience. Make sure your Mother’s Day content is especially heartwarming across the board with pictures of moms being moms and catchphrases that highlight the super-moms out there.


8. Improve Customer Service

The approach of Mother’s Day signals one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year. This means that you’ll not only be busy working on your awesome marketing campaign, but you’ll probably also be dealing with an influx of shoppers as a result.

Remember that your customers are the most important aspect of your ecommerce business, making excellent customer service a necessity, especially during busy times like these. It’s important to give customers an easy way to contact you and that you provide multiple channels to do so, like live chat, email, and even call. Consider extending your customer service hours during this time, and if things are extra busy, consider enlisting the help of a 24/7 call center or outsourcing professionals who can do the job. Creating an FAQ page especially for Mother’s Day may also come in handy by answering your customers’ most common queries.


9. Mother’s Day Coupons

People love coupons and any opportunity to save money, even on Mother’s Day. The use of digital coupons is a way to offer customers discounts and other special offers with the aim of enticing your customers to complete a purchase in your shop.

Coupons are often used to prompt your first-time buyers and may even help you drive revenue during Mother’s Day. This shopping season, you can send out coupons to your mailing list as part of your email campaign, promote your offer on social media, and you can even use a pop-up message to provide customers with a digital coupon code that they can use for a limited time on your shop.


10. Support a Cause

The modern consumer is a socially conscious one that believes businesses need to do more than just make money. According to a study on the modern consumer, 85% of people have a more positive outlook of a product or business that uses funds to support a cause. Supporting a cause this Mother’s Day is also a great way to stand out from the hordes of competition who will be exercising the same old campaigns in the hopes of attracting customers.

Donating to a charity that your customers would love to support this Mother’s Day will not only boost your ecommerce brand’s reputation, but it may also boost customer loyalty and sales. Did we mention that donations are also tax-deductible? Donating a portion of your sales for a special cause is a win-win for all parties involved.


Back to You

Everyone can agree that moms deserve special treatment and attention every single day of the year, but Mother’s Day is that day where we get to go all out. Remember that Mother’s Day is a celebration of women and mothers, and we celebrate not just our own mothers, but our wives, sisters, grandmothers, step-mothers, and all the important women in our lives that just so happen to be moms. Just focus on providing enticing, heart-warming, and exceptional service to your customers and your customers will show their appreciation in turn.


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