Seller FAQs

You simply need to click on "Sell My Business" on homepage or on the "Sell a Business" page.

After submitting the valuation form:

1) You will be notified to submit a list of requirements for due diligence.

2) We'll build your business valuation.

3) You will be officially listed on our platform for FREE.

Yes, we only disclose basic financial and business details on your consent.

We will only disclose full details for interested buyers that are verified and have signed an NDA.

Yes, we will be facilitating the negotiation between the seller & the buyer.

Usually it takes 1-3months to sell a business.

7.5% for any business above $1million sale prices
10% for any business between $500k to $1million sale price
12.5% for any business under $500k sale price

We will be the intermediary between the seller & buyer and will manage the transfer of digital assets.

Buyer FAQs

You only have to provide us further details here.

You can submit a "Buying Request" by logging in here.

1) View listing details & Download listing card for more info.

2) If you're interested to "Unlock Listing name" You have to verify your identity and sign an NDA. This is done here.

3) We will facilitate the negotiations for the listing you're interested in.

4) For successful deals, We will manage the transfer of all digital assets from the seller to the buyer.

We will perform a business valuation taking into consideration financial and eCommerce factors below:

• Company's Age (years)
• Margin %
 Social Media Followers
 Conversion rates
 Number of transactions
 Monthly Profit

We will verify audited financials, eCommerce metrics on google analytics and legal documents to ensure the accuracy of data.

Yes, at serious negotiation stages we will introduce both parties together.